aggregates specifications
Make/Type Simpson S324 Direct Injection Diesel engine
Cylinders 3
Bore/Stroke 88.9/127 mm (3.5"/5")
Cubic Capacity 144 cubic inches (2.365) litres
PTO Horsepower 30.0 HP (22.4 Km) @ 2000 E rpm
Air cleaner Oil Bath Type
Cooling Pressurized water cooling
Fuel Injection Pump Make MICO Inline Pump
Rated Engine HP 35.0 HP (26.1 Km) @ 2000 E rpm as per BS Au 141 a
Starting Aid Intake Manifold Healer
Type Single Dry friction or Dual Dryfriction type
Tractor Driving plate 12" (305 mm) for both
The PTO shaft Drving plate 10" (254 mm)
Gear Box  
Gear Box Mechanical Sliding Mesh Gearbox with constant mesh gear at the input side and a palnetary reduction gear unit at the gearbox output side to give 8 forward and 2 reverse speeds
Power Take off  
Power Take-off 1 3/8" (34.5.9 mm) dia 6 spline live without ground speed. PTO speed 604 rpm at 2000 engine rpm. Engine to PTO ratio: 3.3125:1

Mechanical, internally expanding brake shoes acting on the rear wheels simultaneously or independently. The same braking is used to apply the parking brakes


Mechanically actuated dry disc brakes performing the same operation

Type Manualor hydrostatic steering

Hydraulic System

Functions Position, Draft and 3 point linkage Cat I
12 volt Negative earth system  
Battery 12 V/85AH
Alternator 28 AMPA
Ignition Key operated
Safety Thro Neutral Safety Switch switch
  • 2 headlights
  • 2 Front Parking -cum-side indicator lights
  • 2 Rear Parking -cum-side indicator lights
  • 1 work lamp
  • Hazard warning system
Wheels and Tyres  
Front 6.00 X 16 6 ply rating
Rear 12.4 X 28 8 ply rating
Wheel Track  
Front (48"x72") 1220-1830 mm
Rear (52"x76") 1320 -1960 mm
Adjustment steps 4" (100 mm)
Dimensions and weight  
Overall length 123.5" (2680 mm)
Overall width (mm) 65" (1650 mm)
Overall Height (mm) 87.6" (2200 mm) top of vertical shaft
  56.9" (1930 mm) top of vertical shaft
Wheelbase (mm) 76.0" (1930 mm)
Min Ground Clearance
  • 21.0" (533mm) Under axle
  • 12.5" (320 mm) under gearbox)
Total Weight withwithout accessories 1610 kg (3561 lbs)
Fuel tank 12.7 Gal (48 litres)
Crank case 6.9 qts (8.5 litres)
Hydraulic system 7.4 Gal (28. litres)
Cooling system 11.1 qts (10.5 litres)
Steering box 1.6 qts (1.5 litres)

Standard Fatures

Flat top fenders, foot throttle, Hand parking brake, Tool box, Spring suspension seat, Hour cum rpm meter, oil pressure gaugue, coolant temperature gaugue, main beam indicator, ignition ON indicator, and rear view mirror.

Variable Feature

Small fenders, Differential lock, Horizontal Exhaust, Oil Immersed brakes, ROPS, Seat Belt, rear wieghts, Oil pipe kit, Front wieght platform and weights, CAT II (interchangable ball), Cold Starting system aid, Chain Stablizer Kit, Swing draw bar, Automatic Hitch